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Payroll is the most vital and essential task of any organization. Payroll is a task of providing salaries, payments checks and other monetary benefits to the employees of the company.

Dealing with payrolls is the crucial part, as it is all about finance and accounts so the minor errors can cause hazardous result for the company’s reputation. Payroll is a cycle that is in a continuous process throughout the month. Everything from setting up employees, their retainment to enrollment pension schemes are included in Payroll processes.

Payroll is the company’s paying action or a process that is carried out for the employees by the company. The payroll department of any company is not only liable for wage compensation for staff but also plays a crucial role in defending the reputation of the company by ensuring compliance with a different set of laws and regulations.


  • Calculation and distribution of paychecks
  • Financial record documentation of wages, salaries, deductions, withholdings, pending salaries, arrears and other bonuses
  • Paying for the times the employees did not work like in vacations, bank holidays, sick times
  • Statutory payrolls like maternity checks, monetary adjustments during paternity.
  • Recording of total salaries gains
  • Records of overall earnings for a fiscal year
  • Retirement plans, health and work insurances


  • Setting up employees
  • Calculating working hours for the pay period
  • Calculating gross pay for ones who give over-time to the company
  • Producing paychecks
  • Paying employees on the same date assigned by the company
  • Analyzing charitable contributions
  • Separate record keeping of each employee
  • Showing of employee’s paid amounts by the end of every year
  • Payroll statements adding to other financial records
  • Calculating earnings record


The basic payroll course is ideal for the keen learners who want to start their career as a bookkeeper, account assistant or even payroll administrator. The courses provide personal insight into the basic payroll processes and how to efficiently carry it out.

Future Connect, UK based, provide you with the best accountancy training services in town. We believe in providing high-level accountancy training to all. The basic payroll course is ideal for those who are new to payroll that requires training on understanding the essential elements of salary, its methodologies, strategic planning and its processing. This course is a perfect blend of bookkeeping and payroll courses.

We provide training on practical knowledge gains and better theoretical understanding.

Lately, HMRC has made many adjustments to the regulations on payroll submissions and processing. The fresh RTI submission rule and the Auto Enrollment Pension Scheme have highlighted the payroll abilities.

In Future Connect, The two important software are used for Payroll training

  • Sage Payroll software
  • Bright pay Payroll software

The trainers are going to cover basic payroll course including

Theoretical understanding of Payroll

  • Our applicants have a different academic background, so our team gather all the information into one workshop sessions to get trainees to one platform
  • Introduction to HMRC forms, technical aspects, returns and other related things

Getting Started with Setup

  • Training begins with full implementation of different computerized alternatives to help with the payroll features
  • Introductory notes on setting up employee records, managing pay structures, overtime and statutory payments
  • Detailed information about P11d form

Integrating the Software to the company’s requirements

  • Information about how to tailor your software according to the company’s specifications
  • Setup to know company’s pay scheme, payrolls, holiday and vacation payment schemes

Generating Pays

  • Setting up the employees and their accounts
  • Processing pays
  • Wages, benefits, bonuses, and other monthly pay rates
  • Generating the pay slips

Managing Statutory Payments

  • Our course will give you a clear vision about Statutory payments including Sick Payments, statutory Maternity Pay and Statutory Paternity Pay
  • Ensuring the company is right on the legislative track

Managing Newcomers and Goners

  • Understanding the need for installing the Starter
  • The need to removing the leavers
  • Managing the required documentations

RTI Processes

  • Understanding Real-Time Information
  • It is a commitment
  • Ensuring that the company is working according to the governmental guidelines

Reports and Backups

  • Generating pre and post reports
  • Preserving the Backup plans

Deductions and Student Loans

  • Understanding the need for deduction including charities
  • Integrating student loans in payroll processes

HMRC payments

  • Learning rules and regulations of HMRC
  • Different payments according to the legislation


  • Calculating costs of wages by the use of sage payroll
  • Deep understanding of the payroll software

Online Submissions

  • Understand and learn about online submissions
  • And how processes are carried out online

We ensure that our candidates gain a following skills as they complete the training,

  • Employee records documentation
  • Payments and reductions
  • Pension schemes
  • Payroll strategies
  • Pay aspects and company documentation
  • Statutory payrolls
  • Processing pay slips
  • RTI, EPS submissions
  • SAGE, XERO and MS Excel technical skill gain
  • FPS submission
  • Setting up newcomers and leavers
  • HM Revenue Committee submission

The industries that are being covered under training are

  • eBusiness
  • medical sector including medical surgeries and dental clinics
  • architect
  • retail
  • solicitor
  • wholesale
  • information technology (IT)
  • construction and more


We provide a fair platform for all the students. Our Qualified Trainers are more than welcoming and ready to assist you, not only at all stages of training but also after the completion of training their advice will be there to aid you in the job hunt and further career decisions.

Feel free to book your online consultation session with our Experts at us 02037908674 or 01212959988.

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